Welding Helmets

High quality, durable welding helmet which is comfortable to wear is most important for anyone who is welding. Welding arcs are high intensity lights that contain UV and infrared rays. Exposure of these rays to the naked eye can cause damage to the retina and in worst cases you can lose your eyesight. Welding helmets protects your eyes from those harmful radiations and also from the heat, sparks and flying fragments of metal. Now that we know why welding helmets are essential, more helpful hints on buying a good one are needed. There are websites like lincolnelectric.com which explains the design, development and manufacturing process.
Below are a few pointers to consider before buying a welding helmet

Lens in a welding helmet
A good welding helmet lens will have lens that completely filter UV and infrared rays. The higher the lens-shade, the more protection to the eye. The lens shade chosen should provide the best visibility for the welder so that the welding can be done clearly and precisely.

Auto darkening
Auto darkening feature is very essential for welders. This feature helps lens to adjust the brightness as per the intensity of the light. It also improves productivity by giving the best vision to work. Helmets with auto darkening filters are fitted with adjustable features which make welding easy. Many light sensors are attached to the lens, this detects the welding arc. The lens is activated automatically; as soon as the welding arc is started the lens automatically darkens giving complete protection against UV and infrared rays. When the arc is stopped it acts like a normal sunglass.

Solar or battery powered lens
Lens can be battery operated or solar powered. Both these sources have its advantages and disadvantages. Solar powered lens, if run of the battery, needs to be recharged using solar and essentially means that you have to stop work. In a battery operated lens batteries can be changed quickly if the lens runs out of power in the midst of work. Finally it is a matter of convenience and personal choice of the welder.